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In 1868 the eldest daughter of Elizabeth of Saxony, Margherita, married Umberto I of Savoy, later becoming the first Queen of Italy. Pietro Antonio Bolongaro, one of the first pastry chefs in Stresa, had been working for some time on a recipe to create delicate biscuits that were uniquely light and crumbly. Some believe that Bolongaro presented these new biscuits during a great August Bank Holiday reception, while others say that the pastry chef sent the exquisite biscuits to the Villa Ducale for a royal opinion. From that day forth Margherita requested the new biscuits, which became a permanent part of the tables at court. Thus began the success of these little biscuits which, in honour of the illustrious guest in Stresa, were named Margheritine. The name of this delicacy also recalls the name of the daisy (Margherita) and when they are dusted with icing sugar and placed in rows on a tray they resemble a field of white flowers. Pietro Antonio’s son, Antonio Bolongaro, not only inherited his father’s name and the art of pastry making, but also his workshop in the central Via Garibaldi and he soon began producing the extremely popular Margheritine, which were now available to all.
Today these biscuits of noble origin have become part of the traditions of Stresa and are a subject of pride for all confectioners. The form of the Margheritine may vary slightly: most are smooth, round biscuits of around 5 centimetres in diameter, with a small hole in the centre where the icing sugar with which they are dusted collects. They can be enjoyed with tea, whilst sitting at a table in one of the local pastry shops. Some versions of the Margheritine are smaller and are made with a striped decoration that is more reminiscent of the shape of the flower. The little secret behind the special fragrance of the Margheritine is the use of boiled egg yolks, passed through a sieve until they become virtually flour. This clever touch, together with the use of icing sugar in the mixture, creates biscuits that melt in the mouth at the very first bite.

The Stresa Margheritine are haute patisserie biscuits that are particularly light and crumbly, with a butter and egg yolk base and a vanilla fragrance, produced using artisanal methods.


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